I’m Too Perfect for my Blog

After 43 years of fighting it, I am finally ready to admit that I am a perfectionist. I have suffered years of making self-Head Shotdefeating statements and considering myself a “failure” whenever a project I am working on turns out less than perfect. It’s ironic that the projects that I feel reflect a mediocre effort at best, others greet those same projects with admiration and accolades. When confronted with this situation, I wish I could accept the well wishes of others with grace; but instead, all I can see are the things that I could have done to make it better—in other words “perfect”.
I know my blog has suffered because of this attitude. I have come up with awesome ideas and campaigns for my blog and set out a plan of execution; however, if I miss a day of posting or face “blogger’s block” I completely give up on blogging for a while. It’s amazing how a temporary issue derails my blogging efforts and the perfectionist in me throws the baby out with the bathwater.
We today is a new day! Admitting the problem is half the battle. So today is the first day of the rest of my blog life. Let’s do this!


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