Freeze Your Berries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pick! Freeze! Share!
I have truly enjoyed my Winter/Early Spring excursions to Pappy’s Strawberry Patch in Oviedo, FL.  In Central Florida, strawberry picking is alivberriese and well through April…then it’s BLUEBERRY TIME!  As strawberry picking season comes to a close, I decided that I need to pick and freeze as many berries as I can–and fast!

One thing about a Gullah woman–she always has a freezer full of freshness! It may be some fresh collards from her garden…fresh seafood caught by cousin Joe…or an extra sweet potato pie ready for a impromptu visit from family out of town.

In a effort to preserve this sweet, fresh, taste of the winter berries, I am picking and freezing like Ca-Ray-Zee! Check out my quick steps to freezing your berries, and don’t forget to share some with your neighbors!


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