Blog Focus of the Week: Brand Development

Blog Focus of the Week_So, I am beginning my own “Blogging Bootcamp” utilizing all of the knowledge I have gained from BLOGHer. Now, I get it, it may not be the most direct and succinct way to polish my blog, but the way my monetization is set up (meaning, I am not monetizing one bit at this time) I am going to use the information I have to date to the fullest.  My ultimate goal is to shape the blog and then in the near- distant (is that an oxymoron) future hire one of my successful blogging friends to help tone up the “muscle”. Note—I said hire, as their knowledge and experience has value.

If you read my prior blog, The Afterglow of BlogHer17, you may recall that one of my major takeaways was “Know Thyself”.  This week, I am focusing on polishing up my brand. In doing so, I want to pin down:

  1. What is my message?
  2. What makes my blog unique?
  3. What are my values? and
  4. Who is my target audience?

Branding is the key factor in orchestrating how you want to show up in the world—both personally and professionally.  Branding should be authentic and not present a false picture. My goal in branding is to present who I am—fabulous flaws and all, while sharing my voice with the world.


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