I Suck!!! (Not Really)

My Monday has gotten off to a rough start.  Overslept.  Homework Unfinished. Mismatched groceries—meaning, nothing “matched” to make a complete meal.  The rectifying the aforementioned resulted in the little one being late for school.  Again, I felt like I was the ultimate failure as a mom and contributor to society.IMG_0534[1]

Instead of wallowing in my “I suck as a human being” valley, I took a second…took a breath…and reflected on the “why” the above happened. My family and I just came off of a weekend of doing some epic things. Among the fun of the weekend, my son shot his first commercial for one of the biggest companies out there (more to come) and he sang lead for the first time in choir in his choral debut.

So I decided to count my “failure” this morning as necessary in our familial journey to more greatness in our lives.  It serves as a reminder that failing to plan is a plan to fail.  With proper planning and time management, I am sure that all of the above would have been avoided.  Lessons learned and steps to avoid a repeat have been taken.

My experience today reminded me of this clip of Denzel Washington giving a commencement speech that I came across last week on Goalcast’s Facebook Page. This clip is full of so many nuggets that I am sure I will come back to it again at some point.  But I want to leave you with this quote by Denzel Washington:

Denzel Quote

Happy Monday!


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