Kicking off Fall with Envy Apples

It’s Fall Y’all! Well, not really—but I am over this Florida heat! When they said it was a “Hot Girl Summer” the record heat and humidity levels were not what I had in mind. Since Pumpkin Spice Lattes have started to pop up here and there I am fast-forwarding to fall!

Nothing says fall like a sweet, crisp and juicy apple. Apples are front and center as our children return to school—whether if it’s a healthy lunch snack or a gift for the teacher. If you are nostalgic, you remember the premiere activity for fall festivals and carnivals was bobbing for apples. And let us not forget the smells of a freshly baked apple cobbler straight from grandma’s kitchen.

OK…so by now you’re saying, Chandra, what’s up with all of this apple talk. Well, if you follow me on social media, you may recall that I share that I had to come up with a recipe using apples. I asked if I should make a savory or sweet recipe, and the overwhelming response was for a sweet recipe. EnvyTM Apples is hosting a sampling event at the Lakeland Publix store on Saturday, September 7, 2019, and my recipe will be featured at the event. The Publix Aprons Chef will be preparing my “A Gullah Girl’s Apple Pie Tiramisu” (I’ll be sharing the recipe in a later post) for your sampling pleasure and you can take home a recipe card to try it out yourself. It is DELICIOUS!

Though I am very excited for this opportunity, the star of the show is the EnvyTM Apple. EnvyTM apples are sweet and crunchy apple and is a cross between a Braeburn and Royal Gala variety of apple. This non-GMO (yay!) apple are grown naturally in Washington State and New Zealand. Naturally high in citric acid, these apples are slow to brown, so you don’t have to worry about browning apples ruining your charcuterie boards! EnvyTM apples can be found nationwide at major grocery stores including Publix, Whole Food, IGA and Wegmans. To find a EnvyTM retailer, visit


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