Hi Hunnuh! Hey Y’all! Hello!

27066797_834970176706723_6073934358010875119_n_005I greet you in the three languages I “speak” (or at least grew up hearing in my day to day adventures): Gullah, Southern and English.  I am the blogger at agullahgirl.com and the owner and curator at A Gullah Girl Marketplace.  I am also the creative hands behind the Candy Doll Legacy Collection–an exclusive line of handmade dolls.

I consider myself a bit of a “Modern ‘Southern Belle'” type with a twist. I am from Savannah, GA, the hostess city of the south, but my values and familial traditions are heavily influenced by my Gullah ancestry. My mother, Brenda, is my biggest cheerleader and taught me the importance of embracing and honoring my Gullah roots.

I am a wife and mother to the best son in the world. I currently, reside in Central Florida, but I return to the South Carolina area often.

Believer. Wife. Mother. Daughter. Friend. Advocate. Creative. Gullah. Southerner. Me.


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