I’m going to BlogHer!!!

I’m going to BlogHer. I couldn’t be more excited…Until now…I couldn’t be more intimidated…UGH!

So….How did I get here?
Well, BlogHer is right here my backyard, so the stars aligned and I was able to get in. Thanks to that certain mover and shaker for making it possible (I’m not sure if that person wants to be known as the benevolent giver of the hook-up, but they know who they are). For this opportunity, I am eternally grateful.

So when I received the offer of a lifetime, I had HUGE plans on how I was going to show up and show out! I immediately went to the interwebs to my favorite online store to purchase my “brand” wardrobe for the event. I was ready to get a new hair color to “stand out”. I called a local photographer to make an appointment for head shots. I was online looking for a hotel room to live like a baller for this event! I was READY!!!! giphy1

The reality set in. My inner voice, let’s call her ‘Tammy”, was like, “Chile boo, you’re about to go broke to attend a conference to help you in your ‘blog life” and you ain’t even much made a dime of your blog—whatchu doin?”.

That voice then went on to say, “You only know like one person at this conference, so like why are you trying to do the most?” And the last straw was when “Tammy” said “Girl, do you…be you…meet some friends..make some connections…learn and bloom!”

So here I am y’all!!! Anxiety is kicking in a little bit, but I know I am not alone in my anxiousness to make the most of this conference event.  So I have my “flowery”  big girl panties on, and I am ready to bloom!


Let’s get it!


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